Projecting Sheer Descent 600mm Water Feature (316 GD SS)

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600mm wide projecting (designed to project off the wall) sheer descent made in Grade 316 (Marine) stainless steel with a standard 30mm lip (lip can be altered to your requirements - additional cost) with one (1) rear or bottom inlet - 1" female stainless steel sockets. 

These sheer descents can be utilized throughout the home and garden to create intriguing designs with pools, ponds, spas, rock features & troughs with the elegance of a clear curtain of water & by installing an LED lighting strip (additional cost), it will enhance the overall effect, making it a simply stunning addition to your area.

The 316 GD stainless steel (Marine) makes it a far superior product when compared to 304 grade stainless steel ie. higher strength, superior corrosion and oxidation resistance.  This product is ideal for swimming pools and for landscaped areas & does not warp or break like the plastic/acrylic type sheer descents.