Column Water Features

Columned Water Features: A Touch of Elegance for Every Setting

When you step into the realm of water features, you’re entering a world of tranquility, elegance, and architectural beauty. Our collection of Columned Water Features seamlessly intertwines these elements to elevate any space—be it a sprawling garden, a compact patio, or a luxurious lobby. Drawing inspiration from historical structures, Greek and Roman mythology, and modern designs, our curated selection offers a perfect match for various aesthetics and preferences.

The Beauty of Columns

Historically, columns have been a significant architectural element, synonymous with strength, stability, and grandeur. The ancient Greeks and Romans extensively used them, not just for their structural benefits, but also for their unparalleled aesthetics. Columns evoke a sense of history, tradition, and timelessness. By incorporating them into water features, we bring forward a blend of the old and the new, creating pieces that are as much art as they are functional additions.

Diversity in Design

Our collection boasts an array of designs, sizes, and finishes. From the minimalist sleekness of stainless steel to the rustic charm of stacked stones, we’ve got a piece for every taste:

  1. “ATHENA” Stainless Steel Urn: Standing tall at 1400mm and 1920mm, the ATHENA urns gleam with the refined look of polished stainless steel. Their height makes them a captivating centerpiece, ensuring they grab attention no matter where they’re placed.
  2. “ORION” Collection: A favorite among many, the ORION lineup showcases the versatility of columned designs. Whether you prefer the classic Dome-shaped or the avant-garde Hourglass-Shaped Column, ORION promises unmatched craftsmanship. For those seeking a statement, the Large S-Shaped Water Features, available in varying heights, are bound to be conversation starters. The Patterned Large Column, with its intricate detailing, adds another layer of sophistication.
  3. “CALLIOPE” Large Urn 1920mm (H): A tribute to the elegance of ancient designs, the CALLIOPE urn stands tall and proud, making it an ideal addition to spaces with a historical or traditional theme.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Every piece in our collection embodies meticulous craftsmanship. The dimensions, from width to height and depth, have been carefully determined to ensure optimal water flow, creating that gentle sound of trickling water which soothes the soul.

Furthermore, the materials used, whether stainless steel, stone, or powder-coated finishes, are chosen not just for their beauty but also their durability. These water features are not mere decorative items; they’re built to last, ensuring that you enjoy their beauty and tranquility for years to come.

Installation and Maintenance

Despite their grandeur, our columned water features are designed with user convenience in mind. Installation is straightforward, and maintenance is minimal, ensuring that you can enjoy the serenity they bring without any added hassles.

Transform Your Space

Water features have an uncanny ability to transform spaces. The gentle gurgle of flowing water, combined with the majestic stature of columns, can turn any space into a peaceful sanctuary. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your commercial space or seeking a serene corner in your garden, our columned water features promise to deliver.

In conclusion, as you browse through our curated selection of Columned Water Features, envision the tranquility and elegance each piece will bring to your space. With their timeless appeal and impeccable design, they’re more than just water features—they’re investments in art, history, and serenity. Dive into a world of architectural beauty and bring home a piece that resonates with your taste.