Patterned Features

Patterned Features: A Symphony of Glass, Water, and Artistry

Welcome to the “Patterned Features” category, an ode to elegance and intricacy that will transform your spaces into breathtaking art exhibits. As you venture into the realm of our bespoke glass water features, you’ll discover a symphony where water, light, and artistry converge to craft captivating masterpieces. Each design is not just a product, but a portrayal of dedication, aesthetics, and luxury.

The Essence of Patterned Features

When we say “Patterned Features,” we’re referring to a distinctive class of water features characterized by intricate patterns etched onto the glass surface. The play of water over these meticulously crafted designs creates a mesmerizing visual effect, invoking tranquility and serenity. Whether the gentle ripple of water is cascading down a patterned mirror wall or dancing over a column structure, the patterns augment the overall charisma, making these water features more than just decorative items – they’re experiences.

The Power of Glass

Glass, as a medium, possesses a timeless allure. It’s simultaneously delicate and robust, transparent and reflective. When paired with the ever-flowing charm of water, it transforms into a canvas that breathes life into spaces. Each pattern etched onto the glass surface captures the essence of both nature and architecture, creating a harmonious balance between fluidity and structure. And when illuminated, either by natural sunlight or ambient lighting, these patterns come alive, creating shadows and reflections that are nothing short of enchanting.

The ORION & PHOENIX Collections

Two collections stand out in our Patterned Features portfolio – the ORION and the PHOENIX.

The “ORION” is reminiscent of the grandeur of constellations. The ‘ORION Patterned Large Column Water Feature’, standing at a majestic 1350mm, is a testament to grandiosity and precision. As water flows over its surface, the patterns and reflections mimic the celestial beauty of the night sky, making it a perfect centerpiece for any setting.

The “PHOENIX” series, on the other hand, is a versatile range that pays homage to the mythical bird that rises from its ashes. The rebirth and renewal symbolized by the phoenix are mirrored in the rejuvenating effect these water features have on their surroundings. With sizes ranging from the demure 1410mm in height to a grand 2100mm, and options in both patterned mirror walls and powder-coated finishes, there’s a PHOENIX for every space and taste. Whether you desire the sleek elegance of a mirror wall or the matte sophistication of a powder-coated finish, the PHOENIX series has got you covered.

Elevate Your Spaces

Our Patterned Features are designed to be more than just visual treats. They’re engineered to enhance the acoustics of a space, with the gentle hum of flowing water acting as a natural white noise – a calming antidote to the hustle and bustle of daily life. Whether installed in a corporate lobby, a luxury spa, or your private residence, these features are sure to elevate the ambiance manifold.

Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship

Quality is a cornerstone of our brand ethos. Each water feature undergoes a rigorous process of design, etching, and assembly, ensuring that the end product isn’t just beautiful, but also durable and efficient. The precision with which the patterns are crafted is evident in every droplet that cascades over them.


In essence, our Patterned Features category is where elegance meets engineering. As you browse through our curated collection, we invite you to envision these masterpieces in your spaces. Let the enchanting dance of water and light, paired with unparalleled design, transform your surroundings into sanctuaries of peace and luxury. Dive into a world where art and nature fuse, and let the magic of our Patterned Features captivate your senses.