“ALETHEIA” Stainless Steel Mirrorwall Water Feature 1410mm (H) x 870mm (W)


Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 20 × 87 × 141 cm

LED Lighting enhances the overall effect of our features making them a simply stunning feature both day & night (additional cost – please contact us for pricing & suitability).

1 review for "ALETHEIA" Stainless Steel Mirrorwall Water Feature 1410mm (H) x 870mm (W)

  1. Ryan (verified owner)

    Great product and great company. Had an issue with the pump impeller 3 months after purchase. Notified Craig from the company and he sorted the issue in a timely manner. Great to see this kind of support even after sale.

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Introducing the "ALETHEIA" Mirrored Stainless Steel Water Feature – where elegance meets innovation to create a captivating symphony for the senses. Crafted with precision in Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel, this stunning piece of art seamlessly combines aesthetic allure with tranquil functionality.

Mesmerizing Elegance in Motion

Watch as water gracefully cascades down the flawless stainless steel mirrored face, creating a mesmerizing display of liquid elegance. The "ALETHEIA" Water Feature transforms any space into a sanctuary of serenity, where the soothing sound of flowing water becomes a visual and auditory masterpiece.

Aesthetically Pleasing to Perfection

Meticulously designed with the utmost attention to detail, the "ALETHEIA" is not just a water feature; it's a work of art. The Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel construction not only ensures longevity but adds a touch of modern sophistication to any environment. Its stylish mirrored face reflects the beauty of its surroundings, creating a harmonious blend of form and function.

Illuminate Your Oasis with LED Brilliance

Take the "ALETHEIA" to the next level by adding optional LED lights (additional cost). Watch as your water feature transforms into a radiant spectacle, casting enchanting reflections that dance in the ambient glow. Elevate the atmosphere of your space with a touch of brilliance and make your "ALETHEIA" truly unforgettable.

Tailored to Your Imagination

Customisation is our forte. Whether you have specific size requirements or a particular budget in mind, we can create the perfect "ALETHEIA" Water Feature for you. Contact us for a personalised quote and let us bring your vision to life. Additionally, choose from a range of powder-coat options for the frame and base to seamlessly integrate the "ALETHEIA" into your design aesthetic (additional cost).

Customer Feedback: "Beautiful and Mesmerizing"

Our happy customers have spoken, describing the "ALETHEIA" as both "beautiful and mesmerizing." Join the ranks of those who have transformed their spaces into havens of tranquillity with this captivating water feature.

Ease of Installation:

Experience the simplicity of installation with "ALETHEIA." The water feature comes fully self-contained, making it easy to set up. Place it on a level surface, fill the base, plug it in, and enjoy the immediate transformation of your space.

At Crave Designs, we take pride in our impressive work and exquisite craftsmanship, bringing a stunning sense of style and serenity to both residential and commercial spaces. For custom quotes and further inquiries, please contact craig@cravedesigns.com.au.

Call us now to discuss your bespoke "ALETHEIA" Water Feature – where style, craftsmanship, and customisation converge to create a timeless masterpiece for your environment.