“KAI” Polystone Bowl (Large) Water Feature with Powder-coated Spout


Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 118 × 110 × 70 cm

LED Lighting enhances the overall effect of our features making them a simply stunning feature both day & night (additional cost – please contact us for pricing & suitability).


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Our BRAND NEW Polystone Bowl range - Ready to install "KAI" Water Feature with Polystone Bowl & Stainless Steel powder-coated Spout has just hit the market!!!   This bowl is more durable and a higher quality when compared to the Fibreglass bowls (our budget range).  The "Polystone" bowl is composed laregly of polyurethane resin mixded with powdered stone additiveis that give it added weight & the porcelin or "stone-like" feel.  These particular bowls are more durable & highly effective at maintaining a sharp paint finish compared to our fibreglass bowl range.  The POLYSTONE bowl range is also lighter in weight compared to our "high-end" concrete bowl option making this water feature ideal for the more discerning buyer!

The "KAI" water feature uses recycled water which is pumped from the bowl up into the spout & recycled back into the bowl.  This feature comes in three (3) different sizes & you have two (2) different bowl colour options "Black" or "White Terrazzo" to suit personal preference.  The "KAI" arrives at your door ready to install (access to a power-point is the only requirement), making it a hassle free feature!

A perfect effect of "Feng Shui" comes to mind with our "KAI" feature as it creates a calm and mellow environment, allowing you to achieve ultimate tranquillity.  As mentioned above, it is also suitable for both indoor & outdoor locations. With its simple yet timeless design and serene peaceful sound this feature will provide instant appeal to your home or business/office.  You also have the added option of having the powder-coated spout finished in almost any colour to match your decor.  With the addition of LED lighting in the bowl (added cost) it also creates a soothing ambience at night, making this a minimalist, yet gorgeous feature.

If the cord being visible isn't your style (as per supplied images), for an additional cost, we can make alterations to the bowl so that the cord passes through the actual bowl itself therefore eliminating this issue.  However if you do choose this option, we do advise that it will void your 2-yr pump warranty due to us having to make alterations to both the bowl & the pump.

Spout & Bowl together - 700mm (H) x 1100mm (W) x 1180mm (D) with the Bowl alone being 310mm (H)

PLEASE NOTE:  We can accommodate any size bowl/pot & custom-design the spout to suit, so the water runs effortlessly. We can also provide the spout alone to match your already purchased bowl/pot.  For either of these options, please contact Craig directly on 0418 712 211.

CRAVE STAINLESS DESIGNS has extensive industry experience, a strong commitment to customer service & we pride ourselves on our ability to provide cost effective, innovative & high quality craftsmanship to all of our client's projects.  All of our features are custom-designed and built right here in Australia with superior marine 316 grade stainless steel, making them very resilient yet visually spectacular guaranteed to last a lifetime!

For truly stunning yet affordable water feature solutions allow us, to help you.  Call us on 0418 712 211.

All our features come fully self-contained so all that is required from you is to place them on a level surface, fill up the base of the feature with water, plug the feature in and turn it on.