"HASANI" Stacked Stone Powder-coated Water Feature 710mm (W) x 2000mm (H) x 600mm (D)

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71.00 (cm)
200.00 (cm)
60.00 (cm)

Our "HASANI" Water Feature is our brand NEW feature that definitely guarantees the "WOW" factor.  With its impressive Cobra-like shape urn & stacked stone wall as background, it is visually spectacular and oozes intensity.  Once you turn this feature on, the water projects out from the stacked stone, the water then falls into the urn which in turn, fills and flows down over the feature making it almost serene in noise.  LED Lights can be added to the base and/or under the projecting lip (added cost), enhancing the overall effect making it a simply stunning feature at night also.

This particular feature would suit both indoor and out door placement (if placed outdoors, would need to be placed out of the wind to avoid excessive splashing).  If you have a small compact space that you need to brighten up or bring to life, this feature would be perfect!! 

This feature can also be purchased either with or without the powder-coated frame (photo shows powder-coated frame "Aztec Silver") - please be aware the price for the stainless steel finish would need to be discussed with us directly on 0418 712 211.  This feature can also be custom-built to your requirements to match your project ie. choice of stacked stone, measurements, budgets etc.  With the addition of LED lights (can be added under the spillway or placed in the base of the feature) it would create a luxurious ambience enhancing the overall effect of a simply stunning feature (additional cost).   

To view our stacked stone colour range, please see our "Stacked Stone Colours" tab on our home page.

All of our features are custom-designed and built here in Australia with superior marine 316 grade stainless steel, making our features very resilient yet visually spectacular.  This particular feature will be regarded as a focal centrepiece of any indoor/outdoor area.  They are extremely cost effective without compromising on quality.  We do pride ourselves on our impressive work & exquisite craftsmanship bringing a stunning sense of style & serenity to either your residential or commercial space.  All our features come fully self-contained so all you are required to do is place them on a level surface, fill up the base of the feature, plug it in and then turn it on. 

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